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02/17/2014Selling Desks & Chairs to San Bernadino Squares

Ferndale Michigan is lovely this time of year. It is a challenge to trudge through the frozen sludge that the snow plow throws up on our freshly shoveled sidewalks. The snow will melt soon and spring will be upon us. Cubicles. Everbody wants one. Our warehouse is stacked to the brim with offi..

02/19/2014Don't you eat that yellow snow

Better Business Systems has been a fixture in the downtown Ferndale neighborhood for 50 years. We've seen so many changes up and down the 9 mile and Woodward corridor. From a sleepy little bedroom community of blue collar Joe six-packs to a colorful village of artists, entrepreneurs, and young profe..

03/06/2014Doctor Strangedesk

Office Ergonomicsor How to sit at a desk all day without back and neck pain      Having the best designed and most ergonomically-friendly office equipment may not necessarily mean much for preventing back pain, neck pain and other pain if such equipment is out of sync with y..

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