Better Business has long been a leader in office ergonomics. With a wide selection of new and used chairs and computer furniture specializing in ergonomics, we strive to make the office and home office user as comfortable as possible. Articulating keyboards, multi-task adjustable chairs and proper back support are all necessary ingredients to making the office environment more conducive to productivity.

When you visit Better Business Systems Group, there are approximately 150 different chairs to try. From an $80 basic secreterial chair to a a $3000 leather executive chair. Like a good shoe, a chair will fit everyone a different way. What is good for one person is not always good for another, that's why Better Business Systems Group stocks so many different chairs. We must have one that's right for you!

The proper desk is also extremely important. If you are typing at the wrong height, there is a very likely event you could develop carpal tunnel syndrome, a very painful medical condition.


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